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Dimitris Malandrenis


Dimitris Malandrenis, the mastermind behind Matzenta Kuzina del Sol, brings a unique culinary perspective shaped by global experiences. His journey began in Greece, where his love for Cretan cuisine was nurtured from a young age.

After an impressive 11-year career with Unilever Food Solutions, spanning Greece, Italy, and the Netherlands, Dimitris found himself working in the heart of Mexico - managing restaurants and hotels across North Latin American countries. However, a yearning for his first culinary love soon emerged.

Driven by a desire to explore the deeper connections between his heritage and his newfound passion for Mexican cuisine, Dimitris embarked on a transformative adventure. He enrolled in the prestigious Escuela de Gastronomia Mexicana, immersing himself in the rich traditions and techniques of authentic Mexican cooking under the tutelage of culinary icons Yuri de Gortari and Edmundo Escamilla.

This wasn't just about mastering new skills; it was a voyage of discovery. Dimitris was struck by the surprising parallels between Mexican and Cretan approaches to food. He saw echoes of his childhood flavors in the bold spices and vibrant ingredients of Mexico. This revelation ignited a spark within him, the idea of creating a culinary bridge between these two seemingly disparate gastronomic worlds.

Upon returning to Greece, Dimitris wasted no time in bringing his vision to life. He honed his craft further, collaborating with the renowned Chef Fernando Martínez Zavala of YUBAN, consistently ranked among Mexico's top 5 restaurants. Together, they developed the revolutionary "From Oaxaca to Crete" pop-up concept, a traveling culinary experience that showcased the harmonious fusion of Mexican and Cretan flavors.

Since April 2020, Dimitris has been sharing his passion and culinary artistry at Matzenta Kuzina del Sol, his own restaurant in Chania, his hometown. Here, he curates a daily-changing menu that celebrates this unique culinary tapestry. He sources his ingredients locally and sustainably, working closely with farmers and fishermen who share his commitment to quality and freshness.

Dimitris Malandrenis is more than just a chef; he's a culinary storyteller. Through his innovative dishes, he invites you on a taste bud adventure, a journey where the sun-drenched flavors of the Aegean Sea meet the vibrant heart of Mexico.


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Grigoris Marinakis


Honing his skills under the tutelage of culinary giants like Lefteris Lazarou at Varoulko and Joseph Petros at Serenissima, Grigoris found himself at the heart of Matzenta Kuzina Del Sol's creation, with a focus, of course, on Crete and Mexico. It was there that he discovered a shared dream with Dimitris. Fueled by a boundless love for their homeland and Mexico, they craft dishes that bridge this passion, transforming it into delectable creations that primarily use ingredients cultivated in the rich soils of Crete and Oaxaca.


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