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The Ever-Changing Symphony of Flavors at Matzenta Kuzina del Sol


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A Celebration of Seasonality and Local Bounty

At Matzĕnta Kuzina del Sol, our menu is not a static list, but a dynamic symphony of flavors that changes with the seasons. We believe in showcasing the freshest, most vibrant ingredients sourced directly from local farms and the bountiful Cretan Sea. This ensures that each visit becomes a unique culinary adventure.

Summer in Crete

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Bio tomato in various preparations (dried, semidried, fermented, pickled, fresh), basil, fresh goat cheese, pamako organic olive oil

€ 9.5

Fresh beans on charcoal

Fresh local green beans, fresh bio strawberry, tyromalama crust, salsa matcha, basil, chepiche

€ 10.0


Bio avocado, white onion, green local pepper, wild marjoram, cretan chepiche herb, crispy sweet pumpkin seeds, blue & yellow corn tortilla (totopos istmenos)

€ 9.0

Cured tuna tostada

Sourdough bread, guacamole, almyra green, apricot jam, handmade cured tuna slices, graviera cheese

€ 9.0

Ceviche / Tirantito

Ask us for daily preparation - kind of fish

Shrimp & Apaki (1 piece)

Shrimps, bio apaki, seaweed from Sfinari, chitenxtle mayo sauce, cilantro, onion dices, wheat flour tortilla

€ 5.5

Beef tlayuda tasajo

Grilled corn tortilla (25cm), beef slices tasajo, bio black beans sauce, red cabbage, handmade organic queso Oaxaca smoked guajillo, avocado

€ 13.0

Tamale de Elote (corn tamal)

Corn pure, bio hoja santa, lemon marmalade, sautéed corn, tequila 100% agave

€ 13.0

Fresh mushrooms (tamale de hongos)

Colored cretan bio corn criollo, fermented goat milk, fresh mushrooms, graviera cheese, truffle, salsa matcha, cilantro sprouts

€ 15.0

Beef liver (mole de ajonjoli)

Beef liver, mole of white sesame & oaxacan chocolate, oregano, greek variety rice, marjoram, avocado, garlic sprouts

€ 13.0

Beef (mole negro zapoteco de Abigail Mendoza)

Beef ribs, mole negro, greek variety rice, squash blossoms, avocado, sprouts

€ 20.0

Cod & fresh corn rice

Chile ancho stuffed with cod stew, raisins, greek variety rice, cured lemon skin, wild fennel, red bell pepper sofrito

€ 19.0

Fish zarandeado

Wild fish fillet, guajillo & herbs adobo, black mayo chintextle, onion confit, burnt carrot sauce, fresh wild greens tatemados, chick peas purée

see daily menu price

Portion of 3 tacos

Free range lamb/goat/organic pork
Carob flour tortila, salsa matcha (sesame & almonds), onion in hibiscus vinegar, local green pepper hot sauce, smoked guajillo sauce.

€ 18.0

Big portion of 250 gr (cooked, boneless meat)

Free range lamb/goat/organic pork.
Served with 5 carob flour tortillas & sauces

€ 23.0

Free range lamb/goat leg, organic pork (pre order) (price per kilo)

€ 45.0

Strawberries & Verbena

Rice pudding, orange flower water, fresh strawberries, jam of strawberries, verbena ice cream

€ 9.5

A Fusion of Oaxacan and Cretan Inspiration

Our dishes are a testament to the exciting possibilities that emerge when the bold spices and traditional techniques of Oaxaca, Mexico, meet the rich culinary heritage of Crete. Explore our menu and discover how these seemingly disparate influences come together in perfect harmony.